Proud to be British – Kingfisher Lubrication join Made in Britain

As a manufacturer within the UK, we are proud to announce we have been awarded the Made in Britain® Trademark. Being recognised as the sole manufacturer of grease fittings within Britain is something we take pride in and embody as part of our everyday communications in both national and international markets.

UK manufacturing and engineering continues to be one of the highest growing industries. As a British manufacturer, we are pleased to be a part of this push for growth and want to be a standard bearer within Lubrication manufacturing in the UK.

What does being a British manufacturer mean?

Kingfisher Lubrication are based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. In Leeds and across the UK, there are superb manufacturing companies who all share this badge of being Made in Britain. As one of their newest members, we are proud to be continuing this commitment and embodying being British as a wider part of our brand identity.

In international and local markets, being a British manufacturer holds value. Research from Barclays Corporate Banking shows that 39% of international consumers are more likely to purchase a product if it is British as it perceives quality. At Kingfisher, we pride ourselves on providing our customers industry-leading quality and the Made in Britain mark aims to promote quality manufacturing in the UK – making the membership a great representation for us as a business.

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Driven by our values

When Kingfisher became an Employee Ownership Trust in 2020, collectively all our employees decided on a set of six core values to embody who we are and what we do. Two of the values decided by our staff were ‘British’ and ‘Quality’.

Being British is a major part of the company’s identity and history. Kingfisher have a 157-year long affinity with UK manufacturing and since establishment we have had a major presence as a recognised employer of local talent and supplier of high-quality products in Leeds and across the country.

In addition, within the local and international landscape of manufacturing, being a British manufacturer exudes a high-level of quality. ‘Quality’ was nominated as one of our company values as that’s what we do – our dedicated and highly proficient workforce take pride in consistently delivering the finest grease fittings and lubrication components the industry has to offer.

Therefore, with Made in Britain’s purpose being to promote quality manufacturing within Britain, we feel that the trademark fits perfectly with our company values. Learn more about our company values here.

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