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Assured quality

In control of the process.

Having a comprehensive range of services in-house provides us with a high level of control and ensures that we can maintain quality throughout every stage of the process. By having control over research, design, toolmaking, heat treatment, spring manufacture, and production, we can closely monitor and manage each step to meet the desired standards.

Controlling the entire process allows us to streamline operations, optimise efficiency, and maintain consistent quality. By eliminating the need to outsource various tasks, we can also reduce potential delays and dependencies on external suppliers.

Overall, having comprehensive in-house capabilities and stringent quality control measures puts us in a favourable position to consistently deliver high-quality products or services to our customers.

⸻ Established in Leeds in 1867

Unrivalled service

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s not enough to rely on quality.

At Kingfisher, we pride ourselves on providing unrivalled service to our valued customers. With a commitment to excellence, we go above and beyond to meet and exceed your expectations. Our highly trained and dedicated team is always ready to assist you, offering personalised solutions tailored to your specific needs. We believe in building long-lasting relationships based on trust, integrity, and reliability. From prompt response times to meticulous attention to detail, our unrivalled service ensures that every interaction with us is seamless and enjoyable. We have all the resources on hand we need to receive orders and offer a same-week service in the majority of cases.
Experience the difference with our unparalleled commitment to your satisfaction.

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| Over 150 years of excellence

Our History

From the day that Kingfisher was founded in Leeds in 1867 we have stayed true to our founding principle of excellence in everything that we do.

It’s a very different business today to the one that first opened for business over 150 years ago, but we remain committed to quality, service and value for all of our customers.

Originally a manufacturer of grease and a blender of oils, we have always maintained a responsive and innovative approach to lubrication. Through a carefully controlled program of growth and development, we have become one of the largest and most influential manufacturers of grease fittings in the world today.

Our high-capacity factory has moved with the times and now produces state-of-the-art grease lubrication fittings that are used not just in the UK but are also exported all round the world to clients operating in many sectors.

While the focus of our business is in making bulk sales, we also take on bespoke projects with shorter production runs. With all the in-house expertise needed, as well as CNC machines to create the products, we provide a one-stop service with excellence guaranteed.

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Kingfisher's Timeline

1867 – 1962

Oil blending and grease manufacture

1887 – 1969

Spring feed Lubricators

1912 – 1974

Blued Steel Screw Pressure Lubricators Grease cups also known as “stauffers”

1921 – 1967

Large Spring & Screw Lid Oilers (3/4″ to 2.1/2″)

1931 – 1970

Drop Sight Feed Oilers

1937 – 1970

Oil Level Gauges

1941 – 1970

3/8″ to 1/2″ Spring Lid Oilers

1953 – 1965

1/4″ Spring Lid Oilers

1945 – 1990

Push Type Fittings

1945 – Present

Button head Grease nipple
Button Head Fittings

1953 – Present

Angle Hydraulic Grease Fittings

1953 – Present

Straight Hydraulic Fittings

1974 – Present

German (DIN) Self-Forming Threads

1978 – Present

435590 1
US (SAE) Self-Forming Threads

1992 – Present

818245 3
303 Stainless Steel Grease Fittings

2001 – Present

Hex Headed Plugs

2004 – Present

808014 2
316 Stainless Steel Grease Fittings

2007 – Present

Cup Type Lubricators

2008 – Present

MO1428 2
CuNi (Monel®) Hydraulic Grease Fittings

2009 – Present

Anchor Blocks

2010 – Present

HP226016 2
High Pressure Leak Proof Button Head

2010 – Present

Push Type
Present Push types re-introduced


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Kingfisher becomes an Employee Ownership Trust Company

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Kingfisher Today

An Employee Owned Company

Kingfisher are proud to be an employee-owned company. In 2020, the employee ownership formed. This creates a collective presence among our employees to all move together in the same direction to ensure the business' long-term success.

The element of shared ownership empowers our employees to embody the Kingfisher values and enables their voices to be heard through our employee-appointed board of trustees.

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