West Yorkshire Fair Work Charter Grease Nipple Manufacturer

Kingfisher Lubrication joins the West Yorkshire Fair Work Charter

As a business located within the West Yorkshire area, we are proud to be recognised by acceptance to the West Yorkshire Fair Work Charter (WYFWC). Employing talent and skilled personnel from the local community near our premises in Leeds has always been a major part of our business culture. The ingenuity and skills of our local community have been the heart and centre of a story lasting longer than 150 years and one that continues to strive with the new chapters we are continuing to write today.

What is the West Yorkshire Fair Work Charter?

The WYFWC is an initiative launched by the Mayor of West Yorkshire, Tracy Brabin, designed to promote and support the great employers across the county. The Charter focuses on encouraging employers within our region to foster fair working standards and provide the best possible benefits for employees within their organisations. Introducing fair working conditions promotes a positive working environment – boosting productivity and morale.

Within the charter there are five pillars, focused on how businesses can become fair employers:

  1. Opportunity
  2. Security
  3. Wellbeing
  4. Employee Voice
  5. Fulfilment

How do we fulfil these pillars within our organisation?


According to business need, we try to create the best possible opportunities for our employees. We aim to adopt a culture where we promote from within and provide training to aid progression and succession within our organisation. All employees within our organisation are encouraged to ask to learn new things as we look to better the security of our business and the abilities of our workforce.

In addition to promoting a culture of succession and progression, as we grow as a business, there are times when we must hire externally to recruit new skills and impetus. We aim to offer great opportunities to work for our organisation in the local community when required.


Employees have working rights within the UK by law. As a forward-thinking organisation, we aim to uphold our legal obligations as an employer within the UK but also go the further mile to give our staff the best possible working conditions and terms of employment.

We are a National Living Wage Employer and aim to offer all employees better terms of payment where possible. In addition, we have a series of policies and procedures in place within the business to promote the security and safety of employees of Kingfisher Lubrication. As an employee ownership trust, creating a great place to work with great terms and conditions of employment is central to our business goals and some of our successes.


Work should be a place where employees feel satisfied and connected with the common purpose and goals of the business. As an Employee Ownership Trust, our employees are at the foothold of the business purpose and values.

During the formation of the trust, employees were the decision-makers in forming a set of values which they believed matched the business purpose and what Kingfisher Lubrication stands for. With a set of employee-driven values, our purpose resonates with our employees.

We also aim to increase the satisfaction of our employees with appropriate opportunities to learn and develop.

Employee Voice

The voice of our employees is core to the business. Being an Employee Ownership Trust, we place immense value on the thoughts and recommendations of employees to improve Kingfisher Lubrication as we continue to grow and adopt innovations. As a leading manufacturer of grease fittings, the knowledge and intuition of our employees are invaluable to our continued success.

We want all our employees to feel heard. That’s why our trustee directors are always available for our employees with any concerns or problems they may face. The thoughts of our employees are held in the greatest regard as we all strive to do the best for our company.


We want all of our employees to live happy and healthy lives. Wellbeing at work is paramount to this. Whilst we want to maximise efficiency in our operations, the physical and mental health of our employees cannot be sacrificed to achieve it. With initiatives like a four-day week and our Employee Assistance Programme, we aim to give employees the best possible work-life balance and support for their health.

We aim to promote positive mental health, but we know that this is not always possible. As a result, we have designated mental health first aiders within the organisation who are always open and available for employees to speak to if they are struggling with mental health or other issues.

Kingfisher Lubrication being included within the WYFWC is an important milestone for the business as we seek to create the best work environment for our employees.