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Sustainable Innovations: Solar Panels

It has been a monumental few months at Kingfisher as far as innovation is concerned. In addition to the arrival of our brand-new Index MS22 machine, we have had solar panels installed in recent months.

As a manufacturing business in Leeds, our green and sustainability credentials are massively important to us and present a major opportunity to establish ourselves as a leader in sustainable manufacturing within our market. That is why we have taken steps, like installing solar panels, to reduce our carbon footprint and improve our energy efficiency by adopting renewable energy

What will Solar Panels provide for Kingfisher?

In partnership with Heatsource Direct, we were able to install a high-quality solar system which has been built to last. Not only have we future-proofed with a new major energy source for our business; we have taken advantage of the opportunity to reduce our carbon output by operating with renewable energy generation.
Longer-term – the solar panels will make our manufacturing processes more efficient and cost-effective with less non-renewable energy required to power our intensive line of manufacturing machinery. Eventually, this will enable us to pass on these reduced manufacturing costs to our loyal customers due to our reduced energy usage.

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Helen Thornley, Financial Director at Kingfisher Lubrication, said: “We’re well aware of the need for the manufacturing industry to lower its carbon footprint and we have been working hard to bring down our emissions where we can, with solar energy high on our green wish list. So, to have completed this project and improve our sustainability credentials is really pleasing.”

This innovation would not have been possible without the support and expertise of the team at Heatsource Direct. If you would like to find out more about their offerings, you can visit their website here.

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How much energy will we save?

In the peak summer months, when we experience the joys of the Great British summertime, we will be able to generate enough energy from the sun to power up to 30% of our manufacturing efforts. This is a major boost for us as a business, as we make a concerted effort to increase our efficiency and reduce our wastage within the way we manufacture our products. Not to forget, this has major cost-saving benefits with the astronomical rises of energy in recent months.

Sustainability at Kingfisher

We pride ourselves on adopting sustainable processes within our business. The need for sustainability within the manufacturing industry is paramount and our eventual goal is to be an industry leader in the adoption of green processes. We have already taken key major steps, like installing solar panels, on our journey to be a sustainable manufacturer but we are also aware of how much work there is left to do for us as a business and the industry as a whole.

Some of the other sustainable initiatives we have adopted to date include:

– Recycling up to 92% of our manufacturing waste

– Installation of energy-efficient LED lighting across our manufacturing and office spaces

– Innovation and streamlining of internal processes with the ultimate goal of being paper-free


You can find out more information about our commitment to sustainability on our environmental policy page here.

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Innovation at Kingfisher: Index MS22 Multi-Spindle CNC Lathe Machine 

As a business, Kingfisher Lubrication strives to be an industry leader in the grease fittings industry with the highest quality processes and products available to our customers. With that in mind, we realise the importance of embodying innovation and the implementation of improvements to our manufacturing processes. As a result, we are proud to announce the investment of our latest innovation – the Index MS22 Multi-Spindle CNC Lathe Machine.  

In partnership with Kingsbury, we are delighted that we have been able to achieve a huge milestone for the business. Despite this being a huge milestone at the end of one project, this is only the beginning of what will be an even more exciting scheme of innovation for the business with several new opportunities to be targeted and pursued.  

Simon Dutton, Kingsbury, pictured with Chris Lemm, Works Director at Kingfisher, in front of the new machine.

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What is an Index MS22 CNC Lathe Machine?  

The Index MS22 Machine is a six-spindle full CNC production machine with multiple tooling options for high-volume precision components. The CNC machine is designed for optimised tooling set-up times. The ability to operate the machine using multiple tools and at various speeds enables a diverse range of products to be manufactured and materials to be machined in impressive time. 

Why has Kingfisher chosen to invest in an Index MS22 CNC Lathe Machine? 

The machine is a major investment for Kingfisher as a business. However, with our commitments to quality and manufacturing using the most innovative and efficient processes we believe that investment in innovation is vital to fulfilling our business values and continuous desire to be an industry leader in new and existing markets.  

The new multi-spindle will enable us to streamline our manufacturing processes and increase the efficiency of our component output. Therefore, further reducing lead times and our ability to manufacture larger-scale jobs with our unwavering dedication to match the needs of customers and clients. Whilst we are proud of our position as one of the oldest manufacturers of grease fittings in the world, we are also excited about the new capabilities this machinery will bring to our manufacturing abilities. 

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The delivery of Kingfisher’s New Index MS22 Multi-Spindle CNC Lathe Machine

Managing Director, Lorraine Nugent, spoke about what this latest innovation means for Kingfisher Lubrication, “The Index MS22 CNC Lathe machine opens new doors for Kingfisher. With the potential for increased manufacturing capacity and to produce new products, we are optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead for us as a business and our customers following this innovative investment.” 

What does this innovation mean for new and existing customers?  

At Kingfisher Lubrication, we are proud of our heritage. We have been manufacturing grease fittings for 80 years, and with this new investment will be able to increase our output and overall quality of our products, ensuring our customers are even happier with the products we provide.  

In addition, this machinery makes Kingfisher an even more versatile manufacturer of precision metal components. With 157 years of experience dealing with the manufacturing of high-precision metal components, we are actively seeking new opportunities to form new partnerships and aid clients in their production. The Index MS22 enables us to partner our expertise with the latest technologies in the industry to deliver the demands of our customers to the highest level possible.   

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Does this sound like something that could benefit you and your business? Get in touch today to see how we can help you in the manufacture of grease fittings and other metal components. You can contact us here.